How Food Moves

This online catalog documents two interrelated projects curated by Daniel Tucker: Moving Units: Where Food & Economy Converge an event series developed as part of the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft’s exhibition Food, Shelter, Clothing (May 23 – September 6, 2015) and How Food Moves: Edible Logistics at Rowan University Art Gallery (March 30 – May 27th, 2017). The two projects grew out of an interest in making visible the invisible  or ignored infrastructure used in the large-scale circulation of food and how that underbelly of the food economy could be reconciled by a local food movement concerned with intimate exchange. The second project grew out of successful collaborations and ongoing concerns that exceeded the first project and needed new audiences, contexts and occasions to be explored.

The Moving Units series featured participation from The Berry Center,  Ryan Griffis and Sarah RossJudith LitLouisville Time BankCynthia MainRepublic Bank, Luigi Russi, Nancy Schoenhoff, Sean Starowitz, and Slow Money KY in five thematic “Units” about food and economics. All events will took place at either KMAC or in the lobby of Republic Bank as part of the Futurefarmers’ Flatbread Society installation. Read more here.

How Food Moves is a group exhibition with a combination of new and commissioned projects. Participants include Kristen Neville Taylor, Amber Art & Design, Stephanie RothenbergRyan Griffis and Sarah Ross, Freedom Arts (led by Candice Smith), Cynthia Main, Otabenga Jones & Associates, Brian Holmes, Claire Pentecost, and Philly Stake.

Credits and Contact:

More on Daniel Tucker. Cover graphic by Amy Franceschini.


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