Unit 1

Unit 1: Save For Later

Saturday May 23, 2015

12-3:30pm at KMAC

Water-tight bucket and barrel making with Cynthia Main and Fermentation Workshops with Schoen.

Coopering demonstration by Cynthia Main: 12pm

Fermentation with Nancy Schoen: 1pm

On Saturday May 23rd from 12-3:30pm the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts will host their first event in conjunction with the Food, Shelter and Clothing exhibition that will be on view all summer. This event “Save for Later” will feature Nancy Schoenhoff, a local chef widely known as schoen, will be leading a workshop on fermenting foods and a traditionally-trained cooper, Cynthia Main of Missouri, giving a demonstration and workshop on how to make water-tight buckets and barrels. The workshops should be of interest to anyone compelled by traditional crafts and food culture.


nancy schoenhoff, widely known as schoen, is a private chef in louisville. she a kentucky native who loves creating and partaking in preserved, fermented and aged offerings from hot sauce to bourbon. since the early nineties she has been partnering with farmers to extend the seasons through preparations and preservations.

Cynthia Main is a multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on the connection with the natural world. A strong background in woodworking and traditional craft, she started the educational workshop series at Rebuilding Exchange, creating broad-reaching public classes and events based around sustainability.  She also led the creation of RxMade, a locally sourced sustainable furniture line.  Her personal practice includes sculpture, building, traditional crafts, performance, and music.  Cynthia’s work often blurs the line between public and private practice; with homesteading projects, performance collaborations and appropriate technology projects both in Chicago and in North Carolina. She now lives in North East Missouri at the Peace and Permaculture Center. See more at sunhousecraft.com

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